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At Newterra, our global Engineering Team goes beyond integrating and improving existing technologies – we're constantly developing new ways to overcome the water challenges facing our planet.
At Newterra, our spirit of innovation is guided by a healthy dose of pragmatism. With over 150 years of water treatment experience and thousands of installation around the world, Newterra has amassed and developed a comprehensive tool kit of proven treatment technologies to address the water issues faced by our clients. We're rigorous in our approach to finding the best available solutions – from pilot testing treatment alternatives to engineering robust, modular solutions that can be implemented quickly, efficiently and cost-effectively.
Our Operations and Service Teams regularly participate in our design process to ensure that considerations for simplified maintenance and service procedures are incorporated into our systems. 

The result of our technology focus and quest for continuous improvement is over 22 patents granted or pending – each one raising the bar to better clean water solutions.
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