Custom Industrial Water Treatment Solutions.
From Boiler Feedwater to Desalination to Wastewater.

Water Treatment Solutions

Large Scale Systems Built on 150+ Years of Experience.

Few, if any, companies can match the significant installed base of COCHRANE by newterra for heavy duty, industrial water treatment equipment. We've been pioneering better ways for industry to use, reuse and conserve water in their processes since 1863 - and our innovation continues today.

Around the world, COCHRANE by newterra systems are:

  • Pretreating and deaerating boiler feedwater in power plants and petrochemical facilities to maximize the efficiency and lifespan of their boilers
  • Purifying source water for use in food & beverage plants 
  • Driving production in a wide range of sectors with custom engineered solutions for condensate polishing, blow down recovery and cooling tower water treatment
  • Helping manufacturers treat and reuse process water for other applications or regulatory compliant discharge
  • Desalinating brackish water to provide abundant source water for industrial processes
  • Deaerating the water used to power the US Naval fleet - including nuclear-powered aircraft carriers, such as the USS Ronald Reagan

Genuine Parts & Service for Maximum Uptime

In addition to designing, engineering and manufacturing robust industrial water treatment systems, COCHRANE by newterra is your source for genuine parts for COCHRANE, Belco, Chicago Heater and Environmental Products. We also have a fully trained team of service professionals to troubleshoot, repair and upgrade your existing water treatment infrastructure.

Talk to us today about the water challenges you're facing. We can help!

For more information, please contact:

Rich Pazik
Vice President, Industrial

Connect with us at Booth 1227 at the Water Quality Association (WQA) Convention in Orlando from March 28-31 and at SynGas in Houston from April 24-26!


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