Potable & Wastewater Parts

Potable & Wastewater Parts

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Newterra not only builds robust potable and wastewater treatment equipment. We support it with a comprehensive supply of parts and spares for routine maintenance and repairs.

Your only source for our patented MicroClear® UF membranes and genuine Newterra system parts. 

Newterra MicroClear Ultrafiltration (UF) Membranes:

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Newterra’s patented MicroClear cassettes consist of a series of durable, specially-designed polypropylene plates sandwiched by ultrafiltration membranes. The cassettes are submerged directly into the wastewater, and clean permeate is drawn through the membranes using a slight negative pressure. MicroClear UF membranes act as physical barrier to suspended solids, bacteria, viruses and protozoa – creating permeate of exceptionally high quality. 

Parts for Newterra Systems or Plant Retrofits:
  • MicroClear UF Membrane Cassettes
  • MicroClear Diffusers

Potable & Wastewater Membranes & System Parts: 

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Parts for newterra Brands & Other Makes:
  • Membranes Pressure vessels 
  • Pumps, gauges, valves & controls 
  • Filter housings & filter cartridges
  • Inlet distributors 
  • Pressure & flow switches
  • Educators 
  • Chemical pumps 
  • pH meters/analyzers