Power Generation

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Water Solutions for Power Generation
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Newterra's robust treatment systems deliver the vast amounts of high purity water required by thermoelectric generating plants. Learn why our clients trust us to help power the nation.

The first and last word in deaerators and process steam loop solutions.

Treatment for Boilers & Cooling Towers

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In the United States alone, nearly half of each gallon of freshwater withdrawn is consumed by thermoelectric power plants. At Newterra, we're committed to developing sustainable process water treatment solutions for our many clients in the power generation sector.

With a full portfolio of equipment, Newterra can optimize your boiler feedwater quality for maximum efficiency and minimum maintenance. newterra deaerators remove free oxygen from boiler feedwater, preventing corrosion and extending maintenance cycles. Our reverse osmosis (RO) systems remove total dissolved solids (TDS) from feedwater, preventing performance-robbing scale. Proper water treatment also maximizes the use of water and improves boiler efficiency, extends blowdown cycles, reduces chemical consumption, and reduces carbon dioxide production.

Once taken for granted, water must now be considered as an integral part of power generation planning and operations. For over 150 years, customers have trusted newterra to provide the highest quality equipment to keep their plants optimized. Our expertise in the upfront design process ensures that every drop is appropriately managed. 

Count on Newterra treatment solutions for:
Boiler Feedwater • Blowdown Recovery • Condensate Polishing • Turbine Misting • Cooling Tower Water • Wastewater • Recycling & Reuse