Industrial Deaerator & System Parts

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Newterra is your Industrial Parts Headquarters – and your only source for genuine COCHRANE®, Chicago Heater®, Belco Water and Environmental Products (EP) parts. We have the expertise and replacement parts to keep your water treatment systems operating at peak performance.

Your only source for genuine parts from the best brands in the industry. 

Deaerator & Steam Specialties Aftermarket Support

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Look to Newterra for all of your boiler feedwater and process water aftermarket requirements. We provide superior technical service and the extensive parts inventory you need. Plus, Newterra is your only source for genuine COCHRANE®, Chicago Heater®, Belco Water and Environmental Products (EP). We also supply parts and service for any equipment that you may have, regardless of make or model. 

A Newterra Parts Representative can assist you with difficult-to-find parts and provide you with field service, system evaluations, troubleshooting and training at your facility. 

Parts for Newterra Brands & Other Makes:

  • Spray nozzles 
  • Trays & tray enclosures 
  • Hold-down systems 
  • Manholes & manhole gaskets 
  • Relief valves, vacuum breakers, vent valves and vent orifices 
  • Thermometers, pressure gauges, level switches and gauge glass 
  • Inlet control valves, level controllers, steam control valves and overflow control valves 
  • Sample coolers and overflow traps 
  • Analyzers and dissolved oxygen (DO) test kits

Multiport Relief Valve

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The use of a COCHRANE® Multiport Relief Valve (MRV) dampens the pressure swings within deaerators, steam lines and associated components. The Multiport Relief Valve dash pot vapor action provides smooth relief of excess steam to the atmosphere. By limiting operating pressure variances within the deaerator, it eliminates the need to restack trays, and provides protection to the trays, boiler feed pumps and other equipment.

COCHRANE® Design Advantages:
  • Controlled steam atmosphere 
  • Easy set pressure adjustment 
  • Alloy Steel springs for high temperature and Chrome Vanadium Steel springs for medium and low temperatures 
  • Body is cast iron for applications to 500 ºF and cast steel for 600 ºF applications
  • Discs are vapor cushion gradual lift non-pop type with replaceable resilient seating surfaces 
  • Built for long service life, many COCHRANE® valves have been in service for fifty years and some for as long as eighty years

Ion Exchange System Aftermarket

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Parts for Newterra Brands & Other Makes:
  • Inlet distributors 
  • Underdrains 
  • Pressure & flow switches 
  • Controls/control upgrades 
  • Eductors 
  • Chemical pumps 
  • pH meters/analyzers 
  • Neutralization skids & replacement tanks for softeners, dealkalizers, demineralizers & condensate polishers 

Reverse Osmosis & Membrane Equipment Aftermarket

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Parts for Newterra Brands & Other Makes:
  • Membranes 
  • Pressure vessels 
  • Pumps, gauges, valves & controls 
  • Filter housings & filter cartridges 
  • Rebuilds & upgrades for reverse osmosis units, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration & electrodeionization (EDI) systems

Filtration Aftermarket

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Parts for Newterra Brands & Other Makes:
  • Pressure vessels 
  • Media Gauges, valves & controls 
  • Filter housings & filter cartridges 
  • Rebeds 
  • Rebuilds & upgrades for multimedia, carbon, birm, green sand and calcite filters