Bay Meadows RV Park - Decentralized MBR Sewage Treatment

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Bay Meadows RV Park - Decentralized MBR Sewage Treatment

Project Details
  • Application: Domestic Wastewater
  • Location: Ontario, Canada
  • Client: Gunnell Engineering
  • Capacity: 83 m3/day (21,925 GPD)
  • Installed: 2014

Bay Meadows is a year-round RV and mobile home park located along the shores of Lake Ontario. The facility had been reliant on subsurface treatment, however current regulatory requirements eliminated the option of continuing with that approach. In addition to high bedrock, the lack of available area due to design flow values meant a more sophisticated sewage treatment solution would be necessary.


A key challenge facing the Bay Meadows is its adjacency to Pleasant Bay – a lagoon that’s separated from Lake Ontario by a narrow strip of land. That physical barrier prevents the waters of Pleasant Bay and Lake Ontario from mixing on a regular basis. Without the dilution effect of the lake, Pleasant Bay has little capacity to assimilate the park’s discharge. That reality was confirmed by a Surface Water Assessment.

newterra Solution:  After evaluating several treatment solutions, Gunnell Engineering selected a self-contained, membrane bioreactor (MBR) system from newterra, based on the company's proposal and reputation for meeting tough environmental standards and tight deadlines. For this project, both would be required. The initial order for the turnkey MBR solution was placed in mid-August 2014, and within 20 weeks, newterra had engineered, built, installed and commissioned a modular system treating 83 m3/day (21,925 GPD) to the stringent specifications required.

Implementing a traditional water treatment process would have required four times the physical footprint of the MBR-based system. Instead, the trailer park was able to minimize the amount of valuable property needed for a solution. The modular newterra packaged plant is integrated into two ISO high cube shipping containers and requires only 16’ x 40’ of space. Going forward, land where the old septic bed was located will become additional RV sites and generate incremental revenue for the park.

Ontario - Modular MBR Sewage Treatment Plant