Lac Mégantic - Pump & Treat Remediation System

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Lac Mégantic - Pump & Treat Remediation System

Project Details
  • Application: Site Remediation and Dewatering
  • Location: Lac Mégantic, Quebec
  • Capacity: 240 GPM
  • Installed: December 2013

On July 6, 2013, an unattended freight train carrying crude oil rolled from a Quebec rail yard and descended the rail line towards the small town of Lac Mégantic. As it reached the center of town, travelling at over 60 miles per hour, it derailed and exploded violently – killing 42 people, destroying almost half of the downtown area, and spilling 1.5 million gallons of crude oil. newterra was called upon to play a role in the environmental clean-up.

Lac Megantic Treatment System

Emergency measures were taken immediately to control water and oil. Five months later, in December 2013, a longer term water treatment solution was implemented, including the installation of two newterra water treatment systems.

netwerra Solution: Each newterra system, packaged in 40” sea containers, was capable of treating 120 USGPM. The treatment systems included oil water separation, bag filtration, clay filtration media and, finally, carbon vessels. The first system was delivered within a week and the second followed a week later. Start-up services were provided immediately after installation during the third week.

The start-up included testing to demonstrate the effectiveness of the process train in removing hydrocarbons, and the systems ran continuously for almost 18 months until the successful conclusion of the project. 

newterra’s understanding of the process needs and associated risks, our significant rental inventory, and rapid response to set-up and test has helped accelerate the remediation efforts in the aftermath.

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