Fort Drum US Army Base - Groundwater Remediation & Soil Vapor Extraction

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Fort Drum US Army Base - Groundwater Remediation & Soil Vapor Extraction

Project Details
  • Application: Site Remediation and Dewatering
  • Location: New York State
  • Installed: 2006

Between 2001 and 2002, a faulty valve on a sump beneath a helicopter refueling oasis began slowly leaking jet fuel at the Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield of Fort Drum. When it was ultimately discovered in April 2006, it was estimated that approximately 350,000 gallons of jet fuel had been released into the ground, contaminating a three acre area of the base. newterra was contracted to provide remediation equipment to address the spill.


newterra was able to meet the rapid deployment requirements for the remediation technologies. The supply of equipment groundwater treatment and product recovery, as well as soil vapor extraction, was specified for the cleanup operation – which was limited to warmer months. This seasonal limitation was due to the fact that all sub-surface piping was existing and installed above grade due to cost constraints associated with installing new piping below the frost line for winter operation.

newterra’s on-site remediation solution consisted of a combination of equipment from our extensive rental fleet, along with customized systems that were designed and built specifically for the project. Over the course of the project, several on-site rental systems have been modified in response to changing conditions and end-user requirements.

Over the course of the multi-year project, newterra has become a consistent entity based on our responsiveness and the quality of our solutions. Despite different prime contractors at various phases of the cleanup, newterra has been consistently been selected to be the preferred equipment supplier over the contract periods. 

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