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Modular, scalable sewage treatment that saves land & money.

Newterra sewage treatment

Infrastructure costs for domestic wastewater treatment can be a roadblock to development projects. But not if you think inside the box. Across North America, newterra's modular, self-contained systems are giving developers, small communities and resorts a better, more cost-effective option for decentralized sewage treatment. 

Designed & manufactured for permanent installations - large & small

Many newterra treatment solutions are self-contained in ISO-certified enclosures that are modified to provide an economical, enduring steel building. They receive a durable epoxy coating inside and out, are fully insulated with closed cell foam, and have integrated heating and ventilation to provide a stable, comfortable environment for operators and equipment. From single container systems to large scale treatment plants comprised of over 50 containers, newterra provides modular solutions on virtually any scale.

The best treatment technology - in a third of the footprint

newterra systems utilize Membrane Bioreactor (MBR) technology and our innovative MicroClear® ultrafiltration membranes to deliver exceptionally high quality treated effluent. MBR technology is the same approach used by many major cities to meet the most stringent regulatory standards for direct discharge, as well as for reuse and purple pipe applications.

Equally important to your project, newterra modular solutions are compact - requiring only one third of the land needed for conventional treatment. Our neighbourhood-friendly systems also feature sound attenuation and odor control, so they can be incorporated closer to residential units.

newterra systems can be clad to blend in with their surroundings.

newterra systems can be clad to blend in with their surroundings.


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Systems that can expand in step with your development

newterra's modular treatment systems allow incremental increases in capacity, so you can pace your investment in infrastructure with actual demand for treatment. Designing our systems to be phased in with each phase of your development allows you to defer capital spending until it's actually needed.

Pre-built, pre-tested and rapidly deployed

newterra systems are factory-built and undergo comprehensive testing before they leave our facility - so they can be placed on-site, commissioned and be operational within days of arrival. It's a more efficient approach that reduces your total installed cost - and eliminates the potential delays that come with on-site construction of treatment facilities.

Full support throughout the process

"The team at newterra have very ably assisted us and our engineers in every step of the lengthy approval and then design process with the detailed information required for municipal and provincial approval levels. Their team has exhibited honesty, technical expertise, patience, professionalism and courtesy at every level. newterra delivered their equipment to the plant location on time and on budget." 

- Andy Geertsma, President GCL Developments Ltd.


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