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Contact Information

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Head Office

1291 California Avenue, P.O. Box 1517
Brockville, Ontario Canada K6V 5Y6

North America

Tel: 1.800.420.4056


Tel: 1.613.498.1876

Canadian Locations

Toronto, ON
229 Yonge St., Unit 400, Toronto, Ontario M5B 1N9

US Locations

Trooper, PA
2650 Eisenhower Avenue, Building 100A, Trooper, PA 19403 
T: 610.631.7700 

Chaska, MN (Aeration Industries International)
4100 Peavey Road Chaska, MN, USA 55318 
T: 1.800.328.8287

Venice, FL
301 Sand Pine Blvd., Venice, FL 34292 
T: 941.441.1212     F: 941.480.9201 

Macon, GA (Steel Services) 
276 Lower Boundary Street, Macon, GA 31206
T: 478.742.0115     F: 478.742.0120

European Location

newterra GmbH 
Steinbruchstrasse 8, 35428 Langgöns, Germany 

T: +49 (0) 6447 88605-0    F: +49 (0) 6447 88605-10

South American Location

newterra Chile S.p.A.
Isidora Goyenechea 2925 of 305 
Las Condes, Santiago 
T: +56 22 3204 1655

Let's Start A Conversation

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NOTE: All information provided is always confidential and will never be shared.

Systems Sales Team

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To review a potential project directly with one of our Systems Sales Team members, please refer to the list below - which indicates the applications they oversee and the geographies they serve.

Name Application Geography Phone Email
Marshal Deane Potable Water, Domestic Wastewater, Municipal United States & Caribbean 813.450.9697
Carlos Valdivia Mining, Remote Camps, Municipal South & Central America +56.2.3204.1655
Craig Kennedy Potable Water, Domestic Wastewater, Municipal Canada, United States, Carribean 647.633.7137
Lawrence Hayward Potable Water, Residential / Commercial All Regions 941.416.4769
Michael Morosi Potable Water, Residential / Commercial All Regions 941.441.1224
Jim Almond Process Water, Industrial Wastewater United States 903.431.1196
Joe Strogus Industrial Deaerators United States 484.690.2454
Daryl Ferro Remediation / Dewatering Canada, United States 514.588.0480
Steve Howard Remote Camps, Large Projects Canada 403.651.8094

Services Team

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Speak directly to one of our Service Specialists. They’re ready to help you with Newterra’s aftermarket support for Parts, Field Service, Operations and System Rentals.

Name Service Geography Phone Email
Ed Malcomnson Operations - All; Field Service & Rentals - Camps All Regions 1.800.420.4056, Ext 1228
Shane Henderson Field Service - All Applications All Regions 1.800.420.4056, Ext 1238
Sheryl Chillson Parts - Industrial RO, Remediation, Water & Wastewater All Regions 1.800.420.4056, Ext 1130
Michael Morosi Parts - Residential/Commercial All Regions 941.441.1224
Blair Trewartha Rentals - Remediation & Dewatering All Regions 1.800.420.4056, Ext 1137


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