Our Approach

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An unwavering committed to our clients' success drives everything we do.

Our Mission

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To deliver the best customer experience in water management using our ability to develop and integrate technology, modularize systems, and control the supply chain from manufacturing through after-sales support.

Our Vision

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  • We will transform the water industry using modularity, technology, innovation, scalability and service. 
  • In the future, our high-technology solutions provided in factory-built, modular systems will lead the industry and set the standard that customers demand. 
  • In markets and geographies where we choose to compete, customers and consultants will prefer to work with newterra, and other players in the market will expect to encounter newterra on every project.

Our Core Values

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  • Honesty in all that we do 
  • Respect for the individual 
  • Safety in the workplace and home 
  • Commitment to our success 
  • Commitment to our customers’ success 
  • Commitment to our environment

A Culture Deeply Rooted in Safety

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At newterra, health and safety are fundamental components of our training programs and workplace protocols. Protecting employees, contractors, business partners and visitors to our facilities and job sites from the risk of workplace injury or illness is a primary objective. 

We conduct weekly safety meetings with all production employees, quarterly meetings on a company-wide basis, and hold formal Health & Safety training sessions annually. We are proud to take a leading, proactive role in the development and delivery of training on over fifty health and safety topics.

We reinforce that training through systematic inspections throughout our operations, and an annual audit of our Health & Safety Program that based on the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s (WSIB) Workwell Audit.