Our Approach

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An unwavering committed to our clients' success drives everything we do.

Our Mission

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One day, every human will be afforded access to clean, safe drinking water. Every drop of water will be reused to the greatest extent possible. One company will stand out as the most innovative provider of solutions to fulfill this critical need. We will be that company!

Our Core Purpose

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We improve the availability of clean water.

Our Core Values

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We Decide to Win
  • We will be #1 in our markets
  • Results Matter – Winning is a choice, not an outcome
  • We deliver on our commitments 100% of the time

We Will Be Better
  •  We improve each day
  • Why tomorrow, when today is available?
  • We listen, learn, then lead 

 We Think “Inside” the Box
  • We thrive on solving the impossible
  • We exceed our customers’ expectations
  • We remain ahead of our competition 

 We Do What’s Right
  • No excuses
  • Zero Accidents
  • Unwavering ethics
  • We earn the right to work here

A Culture Deeply Rooted in Safety

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At Newterra, health and safety are fundamental components of our training programs and workplace protocols. Protecting employees, contractors, business partners and visitors to our facilities and job sites from the risk of workplace injury or illness is a primary objective. 

We conduct weekly safety meetings with all production employees, quarterly meetings on a company-wide basis, and hold formal Health & Safety training sessions annually. We are proud to take a leading, proactive role in the development and delivery of training on over fifty health and safety topics.

We reinforce that training through systematic inspections throughout our operations, and an annual audit of our Health & Safety Program that based on the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board’s (WSIB) Workwell Audit.