Site Remediation

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Site Remediation / Dewatering
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With thousands of successful projects to our credit, Newterra's groundwater treatment experience runs deep. Look to us to design, manufacture and support a modular system for your water challenge.
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Site remediation of groundwater and soil is a specialty of Newterra. Whether for general public safety – or for a brownfield site intended for redevelopment, we have the experience and capability to provide the right solution. Newterra systems have been used extensively for the clean-up of light, non-aqueous phase liquids (LNAPL) that are residuals of gas stations, pipelines, refineries, military bases, and storage facilities.

Our team is equally skilled in handling the remediation of dense non-aqueous phase liquids (DNAPL) such as the solvents, compounds and complex wastes of dry cleaners, manufactured gas plants, and electrical component manufacturers. Newterra offers a broad range of treatment options – from our fleet of rental systems for cost-effective treatment on shorter projects – to complex, customized solutions for large scale remediation requirements. We also have expertise in manufacturing systems that meet stringent sound abatement requirements for use in urban and other noise sensitive environments.
Remediation Brochure

Vacuum Extraction

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For vacuum extraction of water, air and product from wells, our low maintenance, operator-friendly systems offer a wide range of options for inlet headers, air flow meters, process valves, piping, fittings, and filters. Our modular systems are available skid-mounted or fully enclosed to meet your requirements.

Multiphase & Dual Phase Extraction
Multiphase & Dual Phase Extraction
Soil Vapor Extraction
Air Sparging Packages
Air Cooled Heat Exchangers 

Groundwater Sampling 

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Newterra’s strong partnership with QED gives you the benefit of their innovative environmental products. We are the exclusive Canadian QED distributor, and incorporate their quality equipment in our remediation solutions – including Well Wizard® pumps.

QED Dedicated Sampling Pumps
QED Portable Sampling Pumps
QED Low-Flow Pump Controls
QED Water Level Meters
QED Purge Stabilization Flow Cells
and more

Air Treatment

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We have extensive experience treating contaminated vapor streams at varying flow rates and contaminant concentrations. 

Carbon Vessels
Thermal & Catalytic Oxidizers
Gas Scrubbers  

Water Treatment

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Newterra offers a wide range of technologies to address the treatment and remediation of groundwater and other water sources.

Settling, Equalization & Batch Processing Tanks
Oil/Water Separators
QED Air Strippers
Bag, Cartridge, Self-Indexing & Sand Filters
Carbon & Specialty Media Filters

Remediation Pumping

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As the exclusive QED distributor in Canada, we can offer our Canadian clients access to their extensive catalogue of specialized remediation pumps and accessories. QED’s commitment to quality and innovation is why we spec them in our newterra remediation systems.

QED Autopump® APA Ultra
QED Autopump® AP4+
QED Specialty AutoPumps
QED Automatic Double Diaghram Pumping System
QED Automatic Air-Powered Pumps
QED Extended Duty Piston Pump
and more

North America's Largest Fleet of Rental Equipment  

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We continue to expand our 100+ rental fleet of process systems and components to accommodate remediation equipment needs that are short term, require a rapid response, or are not within your current capital budget. Our fully warrantied rental systems can include an optional services contract, and are also available for purchase. 
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