Welcome to newterra.

newterra marks the beginning of a new era in smart technology and sustainable solutions. We’re an innovative, full-service organization that engineers, designs, manufactures and supports robust water treatment and remediation systems – and delivers all that in a seamless customer experience. While the newterra name may be new – we’re anything but. newterra brings together the talented people, intellectual property and significant capabilities and experience of MLE Equipment, Filter Innovations and Pacwill Environmental under one name. Welcome to a new era. We look forward to working with you.

Returning water to
nature’s high standards.

Few natural elements are more precious today than water. As demand and consumption increase, so too must our efforts to treat the water we use before returning it back to the environment. newterra designs and builds sustainable treatment solutions that meet and exceed the highest regulatory standards for wastewater, greywater, process water, and groundwater. That’s why newterra is the choice of Fortune 500 oil & gas and mining companies and leading engineering and consulting firms.

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Removing what underground
storage tanks leave behind.

A leak from an underground storage tank can contaminate the soil and groundwater. In many instances, those tanks are located near residential areas. newterra is a leader in remediation technology solutions. Our customized systems for groundwater and soil treatment provide cost-effective site clean-up, and are also used extensively for dewatering at construction sites.

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The confidence of a 
truly turnkey solution

newterra is built on an infrastructure that gives us full control of all key elements of a project – from design to manufacturing to service. That depth of in-house expertise has spawned breakthroughs like our innovative iron removal process for water treatment, sound abatement designs for remediation systems, and patented MicroClear™ flat sheet MBR filters. With production facilities in Canada, the U.S. and Europe, we’re not beholden to the schedules of subcontractors, either. We have ownership of the complete process – right through to field support.

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Excellence starts with a commitment to continuous improvement

newterra has become a global technology leader in the development of sustainable treatment and remediation solutions through steady, incremental steps. We don’t settle. We treat each project as an opportunity to build on our expertise – to improve our game and the value of the solutions we provide. That’s why we proudly include Fortune 500 oil & gas and mining companies as well as major engineering consultants and contractors as clients. It may also explain why we’ve been awarded Deloitte’s 50 Best Managed Companies for the past six consecutive years.

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